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Welcome from Principal McMillan

Hearts and Minds: Every Scholar.  Every Day. Whatever It Takes

At Quist Middle School, we're more than just educators; we're champions for every scholar, every day! Join us on a journey where:

🔍 We are Champions for Each - RELATIONSHIPS that Matter:
✨ Know Them:
We build meaningful connections, understanding and knowing each student individually.
✨ Care About Them: Compassion is at the core of our approach, showing genuine concern for the well-being of every scholar.
✨ Realize Who They Are: Our instruction is relevant, adapting to the unique needs and identities of our amazing students.

🚀 We Expect Excellence - Ownership and Engagement:
✨ Clear Path:
We provide a clear roadmap for success, ensuring students and teachers know where they are, where they're going, and how to get there.
✨ Daily Engagement: A culture of engagement in every lesson, every day, using PIES from Kagan cooperative learning makes learning a joyous journey!

👑 We RISE To the Crown - Equity:
✨ #1 Determinant:
We believe in our role as the #1 determinant of student success, taking it as a responsibility and an honor.
✨ Urgency for Mastery: Organizing resources and support urgently to ensure our students master essential learning outcomes when they need them.

Join us at Quist Middle School – where excellence is expected, relationships matter, and hope is in abundance! ✨ 

📚 Distinctive Academic Programs:
Quist Middle School provides diverse exploratory options, fostering well-rounded development through art, STEAM, music, world language, physical education, leadership,  and coding for a holistic educational experience.

🌍 Unique Extracurricular Activities:
Quist Middle School's Culture Club brings our diverse student body together to explore global art, music, food, and more. Scholars shape the club's agenda collaboratively, documenting their experiences in a captivating documentary and fostering an inclusive space for cultural appreciation.

🤝 Community Contribution and Outreach:
Quist Middle School's NJHS program is a beacon of service, actively contributing to the community through impactful initiatives, including hosting lunches for first responders, participating in a November food drive, and engaging in individual service projects. Through embodying the values of leadership, scholarship, character, service, and citizenship, NJHS not only instills responsibility and compassion but also leaves a lasting positive mark on the broader community.

🏆 Notable Achievements:
Quist Middle School excels academically with remarkable growth in 9 out of 12 areas in just half a year, coupled with a notable 45% reduction in behavioral referrals. Beyond academics, the Royals celebrate extracurricular triumphs in football, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, and track, embodying our commitment to holistic student development.

🌐 Unique Aspects of History, Mission, or Values:
Quist Middle School's mission, "Develop Hearts and Minds," sets us apart, fostering a distinct character. Through our E.P.I.C. journey, we collectively become Empowered, Purposeful, and Invested in Community, shaping compassionate hearts and empowering students to make a meaningful impact beyond traditional education.

🌟 Success Stories or Testimonials:
Testimonials highlight the thriving academic environment, warm inclusive community, and outstanding emphasis on extracurricular activities at Quist Middle School.

🎨 Awards for Staff Members:
Quist Middle School's dedicated educators, including recent award winner Kelly Beach, recognized as the Colorado Art Teacher of the Year, bring state and national acclaim for their outstanding contributions to education, enriching the learning experience and fostering creativity in students.

✨ Inclusivity and Diversity:
Quist Middle School prioritizes inclusivity and diversity through the integral Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) program, designed to ease the transition for incoming students and foster a supportive community.

🎉 Unique Traditions or Events:
Annual 'Quist Carnival and Haunted Hallway’ is a beloved tradition that brings together students, families, and staff for a day of fun, fostering a strong sense of unity and school spirit.

🏫 Safe and Nurturing Environment:
Quist Middle School embraces the Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones, fostering an engaging learning environment through cooperative strategies and PIES principles. Our commitment to building community is evident in class builders and teambuilders, promoting camaraderie and inclusivity. Award-winning classroom management techniques ensure scholars thrive academically and socially, reflecting our dedication to a supportive educational experience.

🤝 Partnerships with Local Entities:
Quist Middle School's PTO is more than just fundraising; it establishes Parent Partnerships, fostering valuable resources, connections, and collaborations. Local Business Collaborations with businesses, organizations, and educational institutions provide unique opportunities, enhancing the overall educational experience. Our commitment to Community Support strengthens bonds with parents and local entities, enriching the learning journey for each scholar. 🌟 

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